Best Schools in Denver

What are the best schools in and around Denver?

If you have a family, or are planning on having one, chances are you have their education on your mind. So what are the best schools in and around Denver?

Of course I can’t really tell you that, because what’s important to you might not be important to me. But what I can do is direct you to two great resources so you can learn about the schools and decide what’s right for you and your family. I’m sure there are other resources out there, but these are the two that I like to tell my clients about.


The first resource is GreatSchools or This website is fairly easy to use and gives schools a score of 1-10 based on a variety of performance measures. Once there, you can drill-down into the school information, demographics, test scores, etc. Many of these numbers are compared to the state average to provide context, and the site offers tips to parents on how to understand and use the data.


Another feature of that parents may want to dive into is the Reviews. This allows parents to leave their own opinions and tell their stories and experiences. Like any review section on the internet, opinions vary a lot, so be sure to read many reviews and look for patterns that are important to you.

The website has other features meant to help parents and their child’s academic journey. The site is at least partially supported by sponsors and advertisements.


SchoolView is an online resource center provided by the Colorado Department of Education and can be found by going to I find this site to be less user-friendly, but boy are there a lot of reports and resources available. Try going to the Data Center and use the online tool to find the performance reports for the schools you’re interested in. 

There are no easy scores from 1-10 like the ones applied at GreatSchools, but the reports are well organized. 

You’ll quickly notice that SchoolView requires more time to navigate, but the data and information is generally much more robust.  

The CDE site is a government site and there are no advertisers or sponsors.