Compass Concierge

Compass Concierge

  • Colin Whitenack
  • 12/30/22

🏘️ When selling your house, only one opinion matters - the buyers. πŸ” What will make your home appealing to potential buyers in 2023? ⭐ Which projects are worth taking on? It's not too early to start creating a plan. πŸ‘ I would love to advise you, stop by to help you create a to-do list, and provide you with recommended vendors/contractors. 🎯 We can even use Compass Concierge to cover the upfront costs (from remodeling to staging). I'm here to make your preparations more effortless. Text, call, or email me all of your questions: 303.912.5394 or [email protected]. Or learn more at

Work With Colin

Colin makes sure to understand the life goals of each individual client so that he can develop the strategic plan now that will fit within those goals. Colin then laid out the process for both buyers and sellers including timelines, prices, processes, and expectations.

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