Should You Renovate Your Home Before Putting It on the Market?

  • Colin Whitenack
  • 07/21/22

There’s a big difference between renovating a home and updating it. The former involves a more dramatic execution -knocking down walls or retiling an entire bathroom. Updating is making cosmetic changes such as painting a kitchen or replacing a light fixture. Renovating is, obviously, much more expensive and time-consuming than updating, and that’s why many sellers resist it when they’re listing their home. But before making any major renovations, ask your real-estate pro if the money you plan to spend can be recouped in the selling price.

Work With Colin

Colin makes sure to understand the life goals of each individual client so that he can develop the strategic plan now that will fit within those goals. Colin then laid out the process for both buyers and sellers including timelines, prices, processes, and expectations.

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